The Role of the Theater Producer

Norton Herrick

N Herrick

As chairman and CEO of The Herrick Company, Norton Herrick has produced numerous plays, including musicals, for both Broadway and regional theater. Experienced in real estate investment as well, Norton Herrick makes his home in Florida.

Operating behind the scenes and out of the limelight, the theater producer fulfills a mysterious and often misunderstood role in the mounting of a production. Many producers believe that this mystery stems from the inherent nebulousness of the job itself, which involves coordinating all aspects of the production from start to finish. A producer is responsible for everything from hiring directors and designers to securing a space and structuring a budget.

The budgeting aspect of producing has historically drawn the most attention from the public. Many people, both within theater and without, see the producer primarily as the person who draws the funding, either from backers or from donors and grants. However, this is only one of the many necessary steps that the producer must undertake to be sure that the show reaches the stage. The producer must also select a promising show, handle conflicts among members of the creative team, and maintain the unifying vision that keeps the show moving toward the stage. The highest authority on the creative team, the producer must accept all responsibility that goes along with this role.


About nortonherrick

Norton Herrick, The Chief Executive Officer And Chairman Of An Investment Firm With Offices In Four States, Has Enjoyed A Considerable Amount Of Success Over The Span Of His Career. Since Forming The Herrick Company, Inc., He Has Closed Transactions Totaling Over $4 Billion, Primarily In Real Estate.
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