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Norton Herrick, The Chief Executive Officer And Chairman Of An Investment Firm With Offices In Four States, Has Enjoyed A Considerable Amount Of Success Over The Span Of His Career. Since Forming The Herrick Company, Inc., He Has Closed Transactions Totaling Over $4 Billion, Primarily In Real Estate.

Herrick Entertainment’s Latest Award-Winning Film

Herrick Entertainment, part of The Herrick Company, is owned by Norton Herrick and he has produced a number of award-winning films in the past decade. These films include My One and Only and 2Guns, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. … Continue reading

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Herrick Entertainment – Producing Popular Movies and Stageplays

An expert on net lease real estate financing, Norton Herrick heads the Herrick Company, which maintains investments in a broad range of industries. Under his leadership, the company has established affiliates to manage opportunities in areas as diverse as green … Continue reading

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A Major Potential Redevelopment Project in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

As head of the well-established real estate investment firm Herrick Company, Inc., Norton Herrick has put together successful net-lease transactions throughout the United States. In addition to multifamily rental properties, Norton Herrick’s firm owns and manages diverse office, commercial, and … Continue reading

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Benefits of Biomass

Norton Herrick, the chairman and CEO of The Herrick Company, a recognized leader in the real estate industry, directs his company’s activities in numerous other markets, including thoroughbred horse racing, entertainment, fine art, and green projects. The company’s green projects … Continue reading

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The Successful 2009 Comedy “My One and Only”

As chairman and CEO of the Herrick Company, Inc., Norton Herrick has diversified beyond real estate development and undertaken the production and financing of Broadway shows and Hollywood movies. In 2009, Norton Herrick’s entertainment company distributed the well-received movie, “My … Continue reading

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Understanding Net Leases

A recognized authority on net lease real estate financing and transaction, Norton Herrick serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the Herrick Company, an investment firm responsible for transacting more than $5 billion in purchases and sales since … Continue reading

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Very Good Girls: Production and Synopsis

The chairman and CEO of real estate investment firm the Herrick Company, Norton Herrick established Herrick Entertainment with a goal of financing high-quality Broadway, television, and film productions. Under the direction of Norton Herrick, the company has financed and produced … Continue reading

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